The Song Kilkelly Ireland And Letters

Kilkelly Ireland is a contemporary Ballad composed by American song writer Peter Jones.  It tells the story of an Irish family whose son emigrated to America, via a series of letters sent from his father back in Urlaur.  It has five stanzas, covering the period 1860 to 1892.  Peter being an American did not know the geographical area of Kilkelly, no disrespect to him.  The families Hunt and McNamara were from Urlaur and not Kilkelly.  The Hunt’s lived beside the new Urlaur Graveyard and the McNamara’s lived across the road from Keane’s Garage, both houses still stand to this day but are in derelict condition.  You can listen to each letter by clicking on the listed letters below.  Peter Jones paid an unannounced visit to the Pattern in 2022 and sang his Ballad Kilkelly Ireland, plus some more.


1.  The series of letters dictated by Mr. Hunt to Schoolteacher Mr. Pat McNamara from Urlaur Kilkelly Co. Mayo Ireland to his son in America are produced here via links to You Tube, click on link to view each letter.  

2.  A narrator was not available so the scripts of each letter were programmed into computer and narrated by an Avatar, so please excuse the accent and pronounciations.

3.  In letter 3 the date stated should be 14th September 1859 and NOT 1959, will amend in due course.  Will upload the remaining letters over the coming months.


Letter 8