Our Objectives


Main Objects 1. To cater for the needs, welfare and wellbeing of our Community 2. To make better use of resources 3. To access new information, ideas and suggestions 4. To encourage greater participation in the local activities by the Community 5. To ensure people understand how they can participate and how decisions are made. 6. To engage Senior Citizens in different activities involving physical and mental ability skills 7. To organise events for the local Community 8. To organise and run the Urlaur Annual Pattern and Family Fun Day on the 4th August annually. 9. To acquire by purchase, exchange, lease or otherwise equipment, insurance, etc. for the benefit of the Association and members. 10. To ensure the payment or repayment and the principle amounts of interest due on all payments are paid on time. To raise money by all lawful means that may be necessary from time to time. 11. To enter arrangements with Government Departments or Authorities, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise that may benefit the Association’s objectives and to accept from said equipment or grants available.